The rain-showers of spring and summer seasons often drop locally hail-stones. The hail is common in district of Bages, as well as in many areas of Catalonia.
The hail-stones result from the sudden freeze of an ascendant into the core of a storm cloud column of wet air when reaching the cloud top at very high altitude and temperature far below 0ºC.

The hail has random distribution. Whilst it heavily hails, the leaves of plants are damaged and the ground is covered by a layer of white ice grains in one place, likely it just rains in the nearby location.

The image display the hail from either holy Thursday of Friday storms in Montserrat range that is still maintained in Eastern Sunday in the shady channel of Sant Jeroni. Compare the size of the hail, roughly 5 mm, with the fallen holly leave.

[photo Jordi Badia]