Rainbow after the storm in plain of Bages

The colours of the rainbow announce that the storm is over. The Plain of Bages is an area of wide views which east and west horizons, after the storm, often illuminate with beautiful rainbows over a sky still dark and cloudy.

In 1st picture, a double rainbow over the hill of Montpeità, in Sant Fruitós de Bages. Realize the opposed sequence of colors in the secondary rainbow than in the main one.
In 2nd picture, an stormy afternoon ends with a rainbow over the range of L’Obac as seen from Manresa, while the last, horizontal beams of the sunset mirrors to the white conglomerates of limestone in Castellsapera.
In 3rd picture, the rainbow is over the neighborhood of Cal Gravat, in Manresa.

[photos Florenci Vallès (1st), Jordi Badia (2nd) and Alba Badia (3rd)]