Stream of Rajadell dry, 01.01 2018

The bed of the stream of Rajadell, after the neighborhood of El Xup in Manresa, appears dry in first day of the year 2018 after several months of drought. There is no water flow on surface. Water just stagnates, from time to time, in the deepest pools as the one of Les Escaletes. The elders of the neighborhood have never seen the stream so dry.
The consequences of the lack of rain are buffered in the rivers Cardener and Llobregat by the flow regulation through big dams in the head of the valley and, so far, are not transferred to the water supply in the district of Bages. The stopped springs and the dry streams, as the stream of Rajadell, display the real magnitude and toughness of the drought.

[photo Jordi Badia]