Temperature difference between the periods 2000-2021 and 1950-1999

The graphs show the average monthly minimum and maximum temperatures for the years 1950-1999 and 2000-2021, as well as the differences between the two periods, from the weather stations of Manresa and Artés (Bages), and Moià (Moianès).

Both the minimum and the maximum temperatures, in all months and in both locations, temperatures in the period 2000-2021 are higher than that of 1950-1999. No surprises. In the districts of Bages and Moianès, the 21st century is warmer than the 20th century. Data evidence over this long enough period is complete. The maximum temperatures have increased more than the minimum one. June is the month with the highest temperature increase. The data from these two close weather stations are parallel, as presumed.

The table summarizes the average annual temperatures increase between the two periods.

Manresa+0,79+ 0,98+ 1,17
Artés+ 0,84+ 1,03+ 1,22
Moià+ 0,86+ 1,06+ 1,25
Temperature differences between 2000-2021 and 1950-1999 periods, ºC

[Data from Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya, graphs Jordi Badia]