The wetland of La Bòbila dry in winter 2023-24

For the first time, the wetland of La Bòbila, in Santpedor, has completely dried up along winter 2023-24. It can’t host wintering birds anymore. The image that was taken in the cold morning of 09.01.24 from the observatory Jordi Falip displays the dry bottom of the theoretical largest pond without a single drop of water. The reedbed has progressed towards the middle of the pond.

The reason for the lack of water is the long-lasting deficit of rain in the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 that has reduced the ground water reserve to a level below that of the wetland. A lot of rain is needed to revert the situation and to restore the splendor of the wetland of La Bòbila.

[photo Jordi Badia]