Esplugues (Castellcir)

Esplugues, in the municipality of Castellcir, is a troglodytic house that uses a natural shelter as a roof. It has a ground and two floors. It was inhabited from an unknown date until 2002. The Esplugues house is located on the right bank of the Fontscalents stream. It has one Romanesque bridge in front to cross the stream.

One resistant, protruding limestone layer covers the Esplugues. The limestone layer spans for long on the right-hand slope of the Fontscalents valley. About 700 meters up the stream, this limestone layer makes also the Fontscalents shelter where the fountain that names the stream springs.

The Consorci del Moianès has restored a significant part of the buildings of the Esplugues house, and even it has refurbished old shed into a visitor’s reception center. Esplugues is reached by forest tracks from the center of Castellcir or by the path parallel to the stream that starts from the Vapor industrial area (Castellterçol).

[photos Jordi Badia]