Ridge of Els Emprius

The ridge of Els Emprius spreads north south until the pass of Llor o Finestrelles that links to the summit of Montcau. It exemplifies the geomorphology of edged cut, flat tops that results from a layer of stronger, oligomictic limestone conglomerate. In front, there is the monolith of Cavall Bernat de La Vall.

The ridge of Els Emprius is in the boundaries of the districts of Bages, in west side, and Vallès Occidental curiously in east side.

In summer 2003, the rocky ridge of Els Emprius stopped the large forest fire (4600 Ha) that came from the east, from Sant Llorenç Savall and Monistrol de Calders. Otherwise the fire would’ve burnt the green oak woods of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt, el Montcau i la serra de L’Obac.

[photo Jordi Badia].

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