View south of the mountains of L’Obac

View south of the mountains of L’Obac (= “the shady side”), in Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i serra de L’Obac seen from El Pou de Glaç (= “the ice pit”), the southern stretch of its main crest.
The mountains of L’Obac arrange in a north-south backbone, from Mura to the pass of L’Obac, that maintains round 900 meters for long and that peaks in Castellsapera (= “stone castle”) (940 m). From this main crest, the secondary crest of La Castanyera and La Mata branches to the east in Coma d’en Vila to get the pass of Estenalles and a set of secondary, roughly parallel crests that branch out to the west, which names are l’Era dels Enrics, La Fosca, L’Espluga and el Camí Ral, from north to south.

[photo Jordi Badia]