The travertine is a porous rocks made of calcium carbonate that precipitates from springs above algae and plants, mainly mosses and liverworths.

In the districts of Bages and Moianès, deposits of travertines are found in the springs of Les Tàpies (Calders) and Calvet (Sant Salvador de Guardiola) and around the sources of the stream of Mura, specifically in the spring of El Foradot, a few hundred meters south from the village. There is also a mass of travertine in the plan of Sant Hilari Nou (Artés), in a close but different place from the spring of the Colomer where travertine is nowadays formed. Close to the limit south of Bages, there are travertines as well by the road from La Bauma to Rellinars in La Riereta and in front of the spa of La Puda de Montserrat which are laid down by the thermal spring.

[photos Florenci Vallès (1st) and Jordi Badia (2nd and 3rd)]