Castellfollit – Rajadell (Bages), 02-12-2017

Poster of the journey of ICHN-Bages from Castellfollit del Boix to Rajadell by the summit of Cogulló de cal Torre (882 m) in 02.12.2017. From left to right and top down: Cogulló de cal Torre, cross between the was to Grevalosa and to Cogulló, Rajadell, heather with the profile of Montserrat behind, information about the romanic hermitages in the valley of Grevalosa, Santa Cecilia of Grevalosa, near Castellfollit del Boix with the eolic park of Rubió behind, oak of the spring of Forn and stop for landscape interpretation.

[photos and composition Montserrat Rodríguez Méndez]