Celebration of the 125th anniversary of the ICHN, 20.04.2024

Saturday 20.04.2024 was devoted to the commemoration of the 125 years of the Institució Catalana d’Història Natural in the facilities of Món Sant Benet (Sant Fruitós de Bages), 125 years of studying and protecting nature.

Several previous presidents of ICHN, as well as the current Jordina Belmonte attended. They are present at the table and identified on the screen. The current vicepresident Juli Pujade is standing at one tip of the table, while in the other tip sitting there is Josep M. Camarasa, the author of the book “Cent anys de passió per la Natura” (= One hundred years of passion for Nature) that was written and published in the centenary and who, once again, presented the circumstances and achievements of the long history of the entity and the people, several prominent scientist and naturalist amongst them, who managed to move it forward in different times. The image captures the emotional moment of the awards to Isabel Munujos and to Josep Germain for their incredible work along decades to the benefit of the entity. In the foreground of the image and back side, Albert Masó from Societat Catalana de Fotògrafs de Natura (= Catalan Society of Photographers of Nature), one of the working groups of the ICHN.

[photo Jordi Badia]