Órganos de Montoro (Alto Maestrazgo, Teruel), 14-06-2015

The group of ICHN-Bages in the belvedere of Órganos de Montoro (Alto Maestrazgo, Teruel), in 14.06.2015. The Órganos de Montoro is a beautiful geological site that results from the erosion of folded to vertical limestone rock layers that are discovered by the deep valleys of the young rivers Pitarque and Guadalope.
In 1st picture, Oriol Oms explains the geological process of Órganos de Montoro to a large audience. In 2nd picture, the group of ICHN-Bages ahead of the Órganos de Montoro.

[photos Jordi Badia (1st) and Anna Montesinos (2nd)]