Puigberenguer (Manresa, Bages), 29.06.2024

The ICHN-Bages group (photos 1st and 2nd) on the hill of Puigberenguer, the oldest fluvial terrace remaining on the left bank of the Cardener river, 87 meters above the current level of the river, during the session devoted to the Quaternary terrains on 29.06.2024. The group listens to the explanations of Josep Biosca Munts (photo 3rd) about the rivers as relief shapers while looking at the Cardener river valley.

Collbaix, a tabular relief made of Tertiary materials which is isolated by valleys that streams tributing to the right side of the river Cardener have dig up, the stream of Fonollosa on the north and that of Rajadell on the south, appears on the horizon of the images.

[photos Jordi Badia (1st and 2nd) and Elisa Altimiras (3rd)]