Salt residues dumpfill of Cogullo Sallent (Bages), 19-05-2012

ICHN-Bages walking round the salt residues dumpfill of Cogullo in Sallent (Bages), in 19-05-2012. In 2nd photo, the slope south of dumpfill of Cogullo, on the upper part of the basin of stream Mas les Coves.
In 3rd photo, one of the drifts of the perimetral channel of the dumpfill that sends the collected brine to the subterranean water; this brine springs in many places, being and the stream of Soldevila, the stream of Riudor and the river Llobregat from La Botjosa onwards the most seriously damaged watercourses.

[photos Jordi Badia]