Sant Hilari Sacalm (La Selva), 23-03-2019

Poster of the journey of ICHN-Bages from Sant Hilari Sacalm to the summit of Sant Miquel de les Formigues o de Solterra (1202m), the highest point in Les Guilleries, in the district of La Selva, in 23.03.2019. Clockwise starting from top left: Sant Hilari Sacalm -the village of 100 springs-, the spring of La Formiga (= the Ant), walking through the chestnut tree forest, the waterfall of Saint Martin, large deciduous forest as seen from the top of Les Formigues, the spring of Gavatx, ICHN-Bages on the summit of Les Formigues, the cross of the summit and, in the center, flower of wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa).

[photos and composition Montserrat Rodríguez Méndez]