The valley of Llobregat in Viladordis, Les Brucardes, La Tolega, Les Generes and els Tres Salts (Bages), 05.06.2021

The ICHN-Bages on the ridge between the valleys of the river Llobregat and the stream of Sant Esteve or Mura before their merging, in the municipality of Talamanca, in walk in 05.06.2021 around the valley of Llobregat to the north by the right riverside through Viladordis, Les Brucardes and La Tolega, and to the south and the left side through Les Generes, the ridge of the stream of Sant Esteve -in the image- and Els Tres Salts.

The walk visited the shelter with ancient pictures of Les Brucardes, in Sant Fruitós de Bages.

[photo Jordi Badia]