Leafy brain

Tremella foliacea

The leafy brain (Tremella foliacea) is a jelly fungus, so one species of heterobasidiomycota. It grows to 5-10 cm as a dens pack of clear brown, waved, leafy lobes. It is parasitic over fungus from genus Stereum which decay oak wood. The leafy brain is found just within the wettest period in autumn.
It’s quite similar to the golden ear (T.aurantia) which is quite often seen on fallen evergreen oak woods as a parasite on Stereum hirsutum. The leafy brain displays thinner lobes and paler colour than the golden ear.
It may also be mistaken with the Jew’s ear (Auricularia auricula-judae), one edible jelly fungus. Be aware of that the leafy brain is not edible.

[photo Jordi Badia]