The holm oak of L’Erola

The holm oak of L’Erola grows in the municipality of Calders, on the right side of the road B-124 from Calders to Monistrol de Calders, about 250 meters away from the roundabout. It picks the name from the country house of L’Erola or L’Arola of the neighbourhood next to the road N-141c from Manresa to Vic instead of that from Calders to Monistrol. The holm oak of L’Erola is found near a crop, in a pleasant location with long views towards the castle of Calders and to the Montcau. Its surroundings are kept as a rest area. The path of the Balma del Cargolaire guides the walk from the centre of Calders to the holm oak of L’Erola.

The holm oak of L’Erola stands out for its large size: about 21 meters in crown diameter, 14 meters in height, and a trunk perimeter above 4 meters. The holm oak survived the fire on Friday 01.07.1994 that rose from the valley, a prelude to the great Bages-Berguedà forest fire that started in two very distant points on Monday 04.07.1994. The holm oak also suffered a lightning strike that left a still visible scar on the trunk.

After its outstanding dimensions and regular appearance, the holm oak of L’Erola is classified as a tree of local interest in Calders and of regional interest.

[photo Jordi Badia]