The holm oak of Querol

The holm oak of Querol stands for the large holm oaks that often grow near the Catalan country houses. The image of its vigorous trunk that divides into robust radial branches supporting a wide, rounded, and regular treetop is magnificent.

In 1991, the holm oak of Querol was declared monumental tree of Catalonia. The file reports 3,65 meters of trunk circumference -thus, more than 1 meter diameter!- 14.5 meters height and 22.8 meters of average diameter of top tree. Since then, we can assume the diameters of the trunk and of the treetop have increased.

The holm oak Querol is about 100 meters from the country house of Querol, in Fonollosa. Both the house and the holm oak are south from the stream of Fonollosa or Fals. One track leaves de center of Fonollosa, crosses the stream, turns east, and reaches the house and holm oak of Querol in about 1 km.

In summertime, there are concerts and cultural evenings in the shade of the holm oak of Querol.

[photos Montserrat Porta and Jordi Badia]