Hailstorm in the north of Plain of Bages, on 29.07.2022

The storm in 29.07.2022 afternoon left registers of 40 to 50 litres of water per square meter in many observatories in the Plain of Bages, also in Manresa, the district capital. Rather than the rain, the hailstorm above Santpedor, Pineda de Bages and Les Brucardes (Sant Fruitós de Bages) was exceptional. The image illustrates the size of the collected hail in Les Brucardes, in comparison to a €1 coin of 22.5 mm diameter. The largest hail stones exceed 50 mm in diameter. They are no longer a few mm diameter round-shaped hail pieces, but irregular ice blocks thrown furiously from the sky by storm clouds.

After the forest fire of 17.07.2022, when a fine rain that could help to green again without dragging the soil and the ashes, the tremendous hailstorm hit.

[photo Florenci Vallès]