Rime frost

Frost in mornings is common in winter season in district of Bages; just temperature below 0ºC and relative humidity in the air above 60% are needed. Usually frost outlines in white ice the grasses and it melts as the day goes on. On the other hand, rime frost on tree leaves and branches coming from fog is not as frequent in Bages as it is in neighbour districts of Segarra and north of Anoia. The ice doesn’t grow regularly round the branch, but in needles and flags facing to the wind, like the arrow of a vane. The north slopes in high areas of Montserrat and Montcau, which are colder and can halt the clouds when cold north-west wind blows, are more likely to enjoy rime frost.

The picture was obtained in February 2013 near the summit of Montcau. One bush of Phillyrea latifolia displays 1 cm rime frost aiming at north-west, the wind direction.

[photo Jordi Badia]