Cliffs of Llobregat valley

The plain of Bages ends abruptly in the south-east by the valley of river Llobregat. This area is made of marine strata rock from Eocene period (limestones, sandstones and mudstones) which are more resistant to be eroded than the continental origin strata that are found in the north.

Between the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages and the village of El Pont de Vilomara, the valley of Llobregat is narrow, limited by cliffs. The slope of the cliff is usually less at the bottom, where slipped down colluvia accumulate. The cliffs are higher in the west side of the valley that limits to the plain of Bages. From north to south, first there is the cliff of La Tolega (80m high), second Els 3 Salts (70m high), third Roca Tinyosa or Les Marcetes (80m high) and forth Punta Sabata (120m high). One and two are in Sant Fruitós de Bages while three and four in Manresa.

The pictures 1st, 2nd and 3rd display the cliff of La Tolega; the real cliff with houses of Les Brucardes at its summit, then the beautiful countryside of Llobregat valley.
The photos 4th and 5th display Roca Tinyosa and Punta Sabata in front of El Pont de Vilomara.

[photos Florenci Vallès (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and Jordi Badia (4th and 5th)]