Fault of Migmón (Súria)

The fault of Migmón (= half world) in Súria is the SW end of the long anticline of Balsareny. In the geological structure of Súria, the fault of Mig-Món is placed in parallel between the anticline north and the fault of El Tordell.
The rock layers suddenly folds in an anticline that breaks in the axis. Through this diapiric center, grey mudstones emerge here (see photo 2nd) while gypsum 500 m west; both rock layers covering the salt of geological formation Cardona.
The pit to the potassium salt mine (see photo 1st) is located on the anticline axis where the salt is nearer to the surface.
In the complex tectonics of Súria with its two big faults, Migmón and El Tordell, there is the takeover between the anticline of Súria that goes 25 km W-SW and the anticline of Balsareny that goes 18 km E-NE.

[photos Florenci Vallès (1st) and Jordi Badia (2nd)]