Lapiez of gypsum in Súria

Gypsum rock in Suria displaying lapiez shape, as a result of water dissolution.

The solubility of gypsum in 100g of water is 0,255 grams, much less than common salt (36,0 g) though much more than calcium carbonate (0,0006 g). Therefore, the speed of karstic dissolution in gypsum is between the very quick one in common salt masses –it appears in a few years on the surface of the saline dump hills from potassium mining- and the slow one in lime stones or in conglomerates that are maintained by calcium carbonate.

The gypsum mass on the picture has spread to the surface through the axis of the anticline-fault of Balsareny, locally known in Suria as fault of Mig-Món. The picture is obtained in the cross between the old road C-1410z and the path to Ribera de Coaner.

[photo Jordi Badia]