Geological itineraries

Link to the digital format of the book Geological itineraries – Bages, Berguedà, Anoia, Solsonès that was published in 1981 by Centre d’Estudis Geològics Valentí Masachs. Valentí Masachs was the director and co-autor of this work that collects contributions from Antonio Gómez, Josep M. Mata, Francesc Porta, Antonio Ramírez and Mn Lluís Via. The book explains the geology of these counties by means of a few, short and well elaborated introductory texts and 24 detailed itineraries describing the stop points and including maps and schematic sections that makes the stuff.

Geological itineraries – Bages, Berguedà, Anoia, Solsonès is one of the best expressions of the school of geology of Manresa. The access free to this master piece of geology that is still in force and useful although it can’t be found in the libraries anymore matches the Honorary Member of the ICHN award to Josep M. Mata in 24 September 2020.