Plain of Bages

Plain of Bages as seen from the summit of Collbaix (Manresa), in the 1st image looking north, inthe 2nd looking south.

In the north view, the Cardener road (C-55) splits the image leaving the town of Sant Joan de Vilatorrada in the nearer half. Beyond Santpedor, the mountain of saline waste from the Cogulló de Sallent stands out with artificial stridency.
In the south view, we see, in the left side, the forest of Balcells made of century-old pine trees partially cut by the large roads. The C-25 road crosses from east to west, while the new C-37 road starts heading south just next to the forest and crosses the valley of Rajadell through a long and slender viaduct. Montserrat presides and closes the landscape.

The plain of Bages comprises the wide plains with little hills in the middle of the district. This area is the most in depth carved by the erosion in the region. These plains are often covered by quaternary, younger than one million year sediments. Some of them are fluvial terraces, so sediments that the rivers laid down when they were flowing at higher than present level. These sediments are gravels, sands and silts.

[photos Jordi Badia (1st) and Florenci Vallès (2nd)]