Conglomerate, overview in Montserrat in 1st image and detail in Collbaix (Manresa) in 2nd image.

Conglomerates are detrital rocks that are made up basically of round, bigger than 2 cm diameter pieces which are called pebbles. The pebbles are included in a matrix made of sand, silt and clay. All these components are stuck by the cement, which here is always the calcium carbonate.

The biggest mass of conglomerates is located in the south and in the south-east of the district of Bages. Conglomerates are also frequent in the rest of the territory, mainly on top of the tabular relieves or within layers of thinner particles rocks.

[photos Jordi Badia (1st) and Florenci Vallès (2nd)]

  • See the article Conglomerat (= Conglomerate), in Catalan, by Jordi Badia.