Field of Lledoners (Sant Joan de Vilatorrada), 13.03.2022

A part of the numerous participants in the protest walking against the reclassification to industrial of the Camp de Lledoners, in the plain of Les Torres de Bages, after the call of the environmental associations Meandre and Volunteers of Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, on Sunday 13.03.2022.
In the 1st photo, part of the walkers going through the currently rustic yard Camp de Lledoners that is located between the stream of Mas Mollet and the prison of Lledoners.
In the 2nd photo, the group attending the explanations in front of the monument in the path to Joncadella, close to the stream of Les Torres or stream Fondo, in memory of the retreating republican soldiers that were killed here in the last days of the Spanish uncivil war.

[photos Jordi Badia]