Itinerary of the sundeck of Els Comtals, Manresa (Bages) 05.07.2020

Rejoined in Sunday 05.07.2020 after the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, the group of ICHN-Bages walks in the sundeck of Els Comtals, in the Anella Verda (= green ring) of Manresa.
The circular route was as follows: Pont Vell (= old bridge) of ManresaSanta Caterina tower – Les Escaletes and Els Esparvers pools in the Rajadell streamice pitMontlleó mountain range – Els Comtals sundeck – can Poc Oli footbridge – riverbank of Sant PauPont Vell of Manresa. The route was the first appearance of two new facilities: Els Comtals sundeck itinerary and the footbridge of can Poc Oli, as well as the reopening of the path that goes up through the impressive stone walls along the sundeck of Els Comtals to the summit of Montlleó.

[photos Montserrat Porta (1st) and Jordi Badia (2nd)]

  • Further information about the news of the footbridge of can Poc Oli and the itinerary Els Comtals sundeck in Notícies de la ICHN nr.150.