Quercus x auzandrii

Quercus x auzandrii

Quercus x auzandrii (= Q. x auzendi, Q. x ausendi) is the hybrid species from the cross between the holm oak (Q.ilex) and the kermes oak (Q.coccifera). As expected, its morphological features are something between a holm oak and an kermes oak; you can’t decide whether it is an oak or a kermes oak, it is clearly neither one nor the other.

The old leaves of Quercus x auzandrii are perennial and hard, oval shape about 3 x 2 cm with a spinescent border that is more painful than that of any holm oak leave. The front of the leaves is hairless and bright green, while the back has dots corresponding to locks of star shaped hairs. This back of the old leaves (3rd photo), that is different from the greyish of the back of holm oak leaves because its fur of stellate hairs and also different from the concolor green of the hairless back of kermes oaks leaves, identifies Quercus x auzandrii.

The acorns of Quercus x auzandrii seem to mature in one season, like those of the holm oaks.

Obviously, Quercus x auzandrii can be found mostly where its two parents coexist. Quercus x auzandrii is rare, although likely less than expected by the scarcity of citations and bibliography.

[photos Alan Olmedo and Jordi Badia]