Ice in Montcau, January 2015

Large rock surfaces spread in the northern slope of Montcau, in the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i L’Obac. The rock pattern is convex, more and more vertical until the floor beneath. Water drips from many cracks and leaves patches of wet conglomerate rock in its way to small channels. In winter season in north face, former wet surfaces become layers of hard, smooth, very slippery ice. With the slide on ice, any slip may be very serious. The northern slope of Montcau is feasible in summer to people knowing its paths, but dangerous in winter because the ice. In Montcau in winter, ice spots must be bordered, despite exiting the path.

The pictures display a rock surface and a minute channel covered with ice in the north slope of Montcau in January 2015.

[photos Jordi Badia]