The reservoir of La Llosa del Cavall almost empty

The images of La Llosa del Cavall (Solsonès) reservoir from the river Cardener, on 03.12.2023, illustrate how serious is present water scarcity in Central Catalonia. Rain has been poor since January 2021. The reservoir is at 26% capacity; it contains 20.8 hm3 of water from 80 hm3 total capacity. The large reservoir of La Llosa del Cavall is a fair display of the overall lack of water since 26% was also the average of the water reserves in the internal basins of Catalonia on the same day. There is no snow on the mountains around neither. The condition of the La Baells reservoir (Berguedà) from the river Llobregat is parallel.

At the end of winter season, reservoirs were supposed to be almost full, just keeping enough free space for the melting of the snow. However, the reality is the opposite: a few amount of water and even less snow.

The empty reservoirs translate to scarce flow beyond the dams of the rivers Cardener and Llobregat in medium stretches when crossing the district of Bages. Springs and streams have dried up. The vegetation has been suffering from drought for more than two years. Agriculture and livestock are the most affected by the stubborn lack of rain economic sectors. The government of Generalitat de Catalunya imposes the unavoidable restrictions on the use of water.

[photos Jordi Badia]