Miranda and peak of El Moro

The Miranda (= belvedere, in Catalan), on the north with the antenna, and the peak of El Moro (1207m), in bonnet shape on the south, share with the summit of Sant Jeroni a main role in the scenery of Montserrat. Both summits, Miranda del Moro and Sant Jeroni, outstand in the middle of the outline of Montserrat as seen from the north. The tip of the antenna in Miranda del Moro achieves roughly same altitude as the summit of Sant Jeroni. The deep channel of Sant Jeroni o Santa Cecilia splits the serrat of El Moro (east) from that of Sant Jeroni (west) in the northern face.

There is a place for landing helicopters between the Miranda and the peak. The use of helicopters to supply the communications station is a matter of modern times. The building that nowadays contains the communications facilities used to be the top station of the cable car of Sant Jeroni. The cable car was open to the public between 1929 and 1983, with just the stop of the civil war years. Actually the cable car of Sant Jeroni was the highest slope one in Europe. There’re still several remains and a large metallic wheel where the cable rolled. The down station was by the road of can Massana, near Santa Cecília monastery, 527 meters beneath. The name of the largest wall in Montserrat, the wall of L’Aeri (= the cable car, in Catalan) reminds it. [photo Jordi Badia]