Wall of the Aerial

The wall of the Aerial, below La Miranda del Moro, is more than 300 meters height; it’s the largest and smoothest, the most awesome wall in Montserrat. The wall of the Aerial is the northern face of the serrat del Moro, that’s placed between the Patriarca to the east Sant Jeroni to the west and limited by the channels of El Moro, that’s difficult to approach, and Sant Jeroni.

Its name reminds the cable car of Sant Jeroni that was working between 1929 and 1983, with no remarkable incidences, just the stop in the unfortunate years of the Spanish civil war. The cable car of Sant Jeroni used to be a main tourist attraction in Catalonia. It was also the cable car with the highest slope in Europe. The top station of the cable car was located in the building of La Miranda that hosts nowadays the antenna. The large wheel where the cable used to roll is still there. The bottom station was in the road of can Massana, close to the monastery of Santa Cecilia, 527 meters beneath.

From time to time, a reckless base jumping lover jumps from La Miranda to fly free as a bird to Santa Cecilia. It’s same route ahead of the wall of the Aerial, but no cable.

The longest and most difficult climbing ways in Montserrat are located in the wall of the Aerial. The Patronage of Montserrat that manages the Natural Park forbids climbing in the wall of the Aerial from 15th February to 31st May, to do not disturb the nesting of prey birds. [photo Jordi Badia]

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