The “serrats, the walls and the channels in Montserrat

The north face of the mountain of Montserrat massif facing the district of Bages is an impressive wall of conglomerate. It falls 300 vertical meters from the summits to continue in successive steps down. The pattern of the mountain of Montserrat in the south of Bages captures the views and it is the most beloved natural heritage. At first sight, the north face of Montserrat appears as an awesome wall that just the most daring climbers would attempt. Nevertheless, it is not that continuous wall; narrow channels where the vegetation can root cut the stone walls and isolate units that are named serrats in Catalan.

A detailed observation of the 1st photo picked from the north-east, in the area of Monistrol, distinguishes further than the monolith of Cavall Bernat, the walls of Diables, Patriarca, Aeri beneath the antenna, Moro and Sant Jeroni; everyone corresponds to one serrat. The walls and horns of Montserrat are really beautiful rocks on display.

On the other hand, in the 2nd photo obtained from the supplementary angle from the north-west, the mountain displays the channels that go up amongst the serrats.

[photos Jordi Badia]

  • See the article Conglomerat (= Conglomerate), in Catalan, by Jordi Badia.