The serrats in Montserrat

As its Catalan name indicates, Montserrat is a sawn, made of teeth saw (= serrat) mountain (= Mont). One serrat is one unit of the mountain, an enormous tooth of rock isolated by channels. They show their most awesome walls towards the north-east, to Monistrol.
As seen from this side (photo 1) the mountain looks like a barrier, though a careful insight discovers, further than the monolith of Cavall Bernat, the walls of Diables, Patriarca, Aeri beneath the antenna, Moro and Sant Jeroni; everyone corresponds to one serrat.

From the suplementary angle view, so from north-west (photo 2), the channels are seen amongst the serrats.

[photos Jordi Badia]

See the article Conglomerat (= Conglomerate), in Catalan, by Jordi Badia.