North landscape of Montserrat

North face of Montserrat range, the so beautiful milestone of Bages district landscape.
In order to make the complex geography of Montserrat easier, it is divided in regions between passes. From left to right in the picture –east to west- there are the following regions: Sant Salvador or Tebaida, Sant Jeroni, Ecos (= Echoes), Frares Encantats (= Astonished Monks) and Agulles (= Horns). The region of Santa Magdalena or Tebas can’t be seen in the photos; it is south from region of Sant Salvador with the stream of Santa Maria that flows from Pla dels Ocells and the monastery as a boundary.
Outstanding horns and main passes that are reached by feasible channels are named in the bizarre pattern of Montserrat.

The 2nd image of the toponymic identity od the North pattern of Montserrat comes from the path of can Macari, in Sant Cristòfol (Castellbell).

[photos Jordi Badia]