Region of Frares Encantats

The region of Frares Encantats (= Astonished Monks) spreads from pass of Porc (= Pork) to pass of Agulles (= Horns) in the west of Montserrat range, between the regions of Echoes and Agulles (see the north landscape of Montserrat).
The 1st image displays the north face of Frares Encantats as seen from the road from can Massana to the monastery. Further from the pass of Porc, there is a line of peaks: l’Enclusa (= the Anvil), el Frare Cirili (= the Monk Cirili), el Frare Gros (= the Big Monk) –the highest-, el Lloro (= the Parrot), la Miranda del Lloro (= the Belvedere of the Parrot) and el Bisbe (= the Bishop).
The 2nd image shows the east slope of Frares Encantats from pass of Porc. The peaks of l’Enclusa and el Frare Gros are seen.
In the 3rd image, Frares Encantats are seen from the easier south way. The tilt to the right horn is the Parrot, the highest one the Big Monk and the characteristic shape of the Anvil is seen on right.

A path with a few stretches with fixed rope goes on top from one to another tip of regions of Frares Encantats and Agulles.

[photos Jordi Badia]