Region of Echoes

The region of Echoes in massif of Montserrat is placed between the regions of Sant Jeroni and Frares Encantats, limited by the pass of Midday in the east and the pass of Pork i the west (see the north landscape of Montserrat).

In 1st photo, the east of Echoes region. From left to right of the ridge, so from south to north, there is el Montgròs, la roca Plana dels Llamps, el Patufet, la Miranda d’Ecos and l’Eco Superior –the highest peak. In 2nd photo, the north face of Echoes seen by the monastery of Santa Cecilia. In foreground there is the Camel of Echoes hiding the rest of the Echoes range with the Echo Superior and the Miranda of Echoes, further one there are the Roques del Salt de la Nina (= rocks of the Jump of the Girl) and behind the rock of Aurons (= Maples) peeps out.

The region of Echoes is the second altitude in Montserrat and the most protected one by walls. The Echo Superior reaches 1225 m and the Miranda (= Belvedere) 1223 m, just a few meters below Sant Jeroni (1236 m). The peak of Miranda can be reached shining up, the Echo Superior only climbing. The peaks of Echo Inferior, Miranda, Echo Superior and Camel are close neighbors from south to north, thought isolated by hollows. The echo that names the region resonates between these face to face walls.

[photos Jordi Badia]