Ringing of birds in La Corbatera (Sallent, Bages), 02-02-2014

Celebration of Day of the Wetlands, the 2nd February, in La Corbatera (Sallent), with a tour to the area and a demonstration of bird ringing. In the images, one robin (Erithacus rubecula) focuses the attention. The place is close to the pool of La Sala that was built in 2010. In the background, the dump fill of Cogulló reminds that salt from mine source risks the water quality.

The wetland of La Corbatera spread is in the alluvial plane of river Llobregat, from village of Cabrianes to Pont de Cabrianes, including the water join of the stream Gavarresa. It belongs to the municipality of Sallent, with small pieces to Artés, Calders and Navarcles.

The valley of Llobregat widens in this area allowing the wetland to extend. The river drives the migratory route of birds which benefit from wetland in La Corbatera to stop, feed and relax. La Corbatera is acknowledged by ornithologists as an area where to watch birds. It stands out by the diversity of species that links to the available habitats –reed beds, rolling stones, riparian forest, river, meadows, crops…- but also by the seasonal changes, by the sporadic presence of rare species and by the populations of common ones. The heron (Ardea cinerea) has started a breeding colony on the poplars between the pool of La Corbatera and the river Llobregat. Main works for the ecological restoration of La Corbatera were realised between 1994 and 1997: clean up, building of the pool of La Corbatera and planting many riparian trees in empty areas. The ICHN’s delegation of district of Bages contributed. The two smaller pools of La Sala were built in years 2009 and 2010, near to the confluence of the stream of La Sala to the river Llobregat. But also the brine collector leaked three times in La Corbatera in years 2008 and 2009. The brine killed many trees by the pool of La Corbatera, though the brine got the river without direct contamination to the water pool. [photos Jordi Badia]