Shelter of Els Burjons fountain

The shelter of the Els Burjons fountain is on the cliff of the left bank of the river Llobregat, upstream from Les Generes bridge towards Navarcles although in the municipality of Talamanca. It spans about 300 meters length between the bridge of Les Generes and the area of rapids of the river Llobregat in front of the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages. Subsequent to one stop, the cliff turns again to shelter shape in two additional long stretches (3rd photo) enlarging the one that is formally known as the shelter of the Els Burjons fountain (1st and 2nd photos). These shelters are not deep but, if taken as a whole, it is the longest one in the districts of Bages and Moianès.

Spring of Els Burjons

The shelter is mostly dry and dusty, but it has also a wet stretch where the popular fountain of Els Burjons springs. The fountain is not fully collected; more water drips down the rock wall that is plenty of maidenhair fern and where travertine rock is generated.

These long natural shelters come from the erosion after the floodings of the river Llobregat on this left side that is also the external border of the meander of Sant Benet where the river flow hits. The rocks are mostly sandstones laying in flat strata of marine origin from the Eocene.

A path of naturalistic interest goes around the external part of the meander of the river Llobregat in Sant Benet along these shelters from the bridge of Les Generes in the south to the bridge of Sant Benet in the north, beneath the town of Navarcles.

[photos Jordi Badia]