Big Shelter of Marganell

La Bauma Gran de Marganell (= the Big Shelter of Marganell) can be found in the left slope of the stream of Marganell, in the path of Guimberes that initiates in the cross between the roads to Marganell and to Sant Cristòfol. The Big Shelter is on upper part of the stream of Guimberes, in the way between the houses of La Fassina and cal Gras. Usually, the stream of Guimberes is dry.

The Big Shelter is as the name indicates: it is not really high, but indeed it is long and deep. One stratum of conglomerate rock makes the ceiling, while the wall is made of less resistant sandstone. From the combination of the different resistance to the natural erosion of the rock strata, the waterfall and time results this long shelter looking south as a magnific belvedere of Montserrat. What else to wish?

Travertines grow on the wet areas. One wide stalactite holds from the centre of the ceiling. Below it, a natural basin collects the water droplets.

In the images 1st and i 2nd, La Bauma Gran; in the 3rd, the view of Montserrat from its inside.

[photos Montserrat Porta and Jordi Badia]