Wind in summit of Cogulló de cal Torre

The district of Bages is not a windy area because the mountains of Pyrenees protect it from the north wind. The most representative data of wind in the district of Bages are likely those from the meteorological station of La Culla, in service since 1988, that’s located in a high place in Manresa and. The dominant direction of strong winds is north-west (NW), the mistral, moving towards north (N) or west (W) according to main pattern of wind blow of the day. In the west part of Bages, the wind from west is also named segarrenc, because it comes from the neighbor district of Segarra. Despite no full data to quantify, the plateaus of the south-west are the windiest part in district of Bages. The eolic park of range of Rubio is located just here.

The picture displays the summit of Cogulló de cal Torre (883 m) which is the highest plateau in south-west of Bages, further one the district of Bages and the mountain of Montseny in the east horizon. The flag is pulled to threads by the frequent heavy wind on this summit.

Although most of the district including the plain of Bages is not often windy, sometimes strong wind gusts streak. In 09.12.2014, the meteorological station of Montserrat-Sant Dimes registered a peak of 128 km/h; though it was in Vacarisses, Terrassa and Sabadell (Vallès Occidental) where the wind caused most of the damages this day. In 25.01.2015 morning, same station reported a wind streak of 107 km/h; most of the damages of this windy day all over Catalonia were located in the northern districts of Alt Urgell, Solsonès, Berguedà and Ripollès.

[photo Jordi Badia]